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Top 5 Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Admit it. As a good parent and spouse, you get accustomed to taking cold showers.

You don’t plan it that way, but by the time you take your morning shower, there isn’t much of hot water left. Your spouse getting ready for work, your kids getting ready for school—they use it all. By the time you’ve gotten them out the door, and you’re ready to start your day, there isn’t more than a minute or two of hot water left.

That’s the sacrifice you’ve made for years.

If you’re ready to say no more to cold showers, listen up. You can have unlimited hot water — whenever you want it — by upgrading to a tankless water heater.

Sound amazing? Trust us, it is.

Read on to learn more about the many benefits of tankless water heaters.

Learn about the benfits of tankless water heaters.

Tankless Water Heaters: the Basics

Like a traditional model, either an embedded gas or electric element provides the heat for a tankless water heater. In some cases, particularly in warm climates, solar heat can be used as the heat source for a tankless water heater.

Unlike traditional water heaters that function by warming a finite reservoir (the tank), tankless water heaters apply heat to your home’s cold water line. When you have a traditional heater, the amount of accessible hot water is limited by the tank size. When you have a tankless water heater, the amount of hot water HAS NO LIMIT.

What does that mean to me though? That means benefits.

Tankless Water Heaters: the Benefits

Another cardinal trait of being a good parent or spouse is needing to see the big picture before making a decision. No matter how badly you crave a long, hot shower, you need to hear the full story.

Let’s dig in.

Benefit 1: Unlimited Hot Water

But is the hot water of a tankless water heater truly unlimited? Or is it wink, wink – “unlimited” with a really tiny asterisk?

No fine print here. Tankless water heaters give you an UNLIMITED supply of hot water.  In fact, your tankless water heater can heat enough water to float an ocean liner.

So that’s benefit number one. First and foremost.

Depending on how much you love a blissful shower, unlimited hot water might be more than enough to convince you. The benefits of tankless waters heaters don’t stop there though.

Let’s keep going.

Benefit 2: Lifespan

Since tankless water heaters don’t store standing water for hours at a time, they are less susceptible to sediment damage. As water evaporates in typical water heater, it leaves behind damaging sediments.

You can see the difference:

The average lifespan of a tankless water heater is ranked at over 20 years.

The average lifespan of a tank model is 8-10 years.

Basically, the minimum lifespan of a tankless water heater is DOUBLE the maximum life expectancy for a traditional model. You will be buying two or more normal water heaters for every one tankless.

Benefit 3: Energy Savings

You might not expect it, but the luxury choice is also the energy efficient one.

  • Tankless heaters use between 24% to 34% less energy than traditional models.
  • For typical homeowners that savings equates to $50-$100 saved per year.


water bill breakdown of charges

Given the lifespan of tankless water heaters, over a two decades those savings can add up to something meaningful.

Since tankless water heater models save energy compared to tank models, you can even earn a one-time LEED tax credit when you upgrade.

That’s a win.

Benefit 4: No Dramatic Exit

So, we just learned tank heaters don’t live as long. But what’s really bad, is when they go out, they can leave you with a huge mess.

Often when a hot water heater goes belly-up, that 40-60 gallon tank ruptures all over your basement. As a responsible parent and spouse, cleaning up messes like that often falls…to you.

See the top four signs your tank heater is about to kick…/4-signs-hot-water-heater-might-diee bucket.

Benefit 5: Space Efficiency

A little more about that behemoth metal tank.

Since they don’t require the space of a 40 to 60 gallon tank, tankless models take up approximately 80% less space than a traditional model.

In a cramped basement, that extra storage space can be the biggest victory of all—next to the unlimited hot water (of course.)

When to Upgrade to a Tankless Water Heater

So, if tankless water heaters are so great, why doesn’t everyone have one?

Because they are more expensive and people don’t see the long term savings.

Plan this purchase carefully. You may want to wait until your traditional water heater needs to be replaced. Remember though, even if the initial cost is higher. Saving even fifty dollars per year, you’ll eventually come out on top.

Plus you’ll get to enjoy hot, blissful showers every day for at least 20 years.

Tankless Water Heater Wrap-Up

When you’re ready to say so long to cold showers forever, give us a call. We’ll set you up with a tankless water heater.

You’ll enjoy all the benefits such as:

  • Unlimited Hot Water
  • A Lifespan of at least 20 years
  • Monthly Energy Savings
  • No risk of leaks
  • 80% space efficiency

Contact Benjamin Franklin Long Island to discuss tankless water heaters and all of your plumbing needs.

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