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We love hearing from our customers and wouldn’t want to miss the chance to improve our services. Please leave a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing review! The process is simple and it only takes a few minutes of your time. Visit Our Review Page to leave your comments in Customer Lobby for Benjamin Franklin Plumbing – Long Island and tell us a little bit about your experience. We would appreciate your feedback!

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Our Mission

Before we arrive, plumbing disasters have our customers feeling uncomfortable — and even unsafe. After we leave, they’re just one thing: happy. That’s our mission!

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, you, the customer, are our number one priority. We strive to satisfy your demands and meet your high expectations.

We meet those expectations with our highly trained plumbers. Our employees receive an unparalleled level of introductory training and mastery education to ensure they always provide the highest-level of service. Our investment in unique proprietary technology means that we can offer unique solutions to any plumbing product.

We satisfy our customers by ensuring that their experience with our talented plumbers is friendly, personal, and pleasant. Meet our team here!

What’s more, we support our customers with our series of guarantees. Benjamin Franklin technicians respect your home and your time—or else you don’t pay for the service. In addition, we guarantee that our work will last—or else we redo it for free.

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